About the Revitalization

Fred Hamilton Park and Playground were identified in 2011 by the City of Toronto to be in need of maintenance and capital upgrades, with funds allocated for work beginning in 2012. Significant park levies from the condo development on College Street will provide additional funds for future upgrades as well.

After several meetings among neighbors engaged in the revitalization process, it was decided that George Ben Park and the Roxton Road Parkette should be included under the auspices of the Friends of Roxton Road Parks to ensure that these two smaller adjacent parks are not left to deteriorate.

Key Principles
Over the past several months of meetings and a community consulation, the Friends of Roxton Road Parks have agreed to four key principles that determine our uniqueness as a park:

  • Intergenerational: activities for all ages
  • Climate Change Action: addressing climate change at the local level and supporting ecologically and environmentally sustainable materials, practices, and activities
  • Creativity: our neighbourhood is locus for creative industry workers, a rich source for inspiration and expression in any park intervention
  • History: make visible the history of our neighbourhood including Garrison Creek and immigrant history (eg. grapes, topiary, water features, signage).

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