About the Parks

Fred Hamilton Playground, George Ben Park, and the Roxton Road Parkette all sit atop what was once known as the Prittie Ravine, better known now as part of the former Garrison Creek, and are situated between Little Italy to the north and Little Portugal to the south.

One highlight of Fred Hamilton Park is the bocce court, a legacy of Italian immigrants, one of many diverse groups that have inhabited the neighbourhood over the years. From a bird’s eye view the paths cross near the centre of the upper level of the park, forming a giant X. The lower level includes a wildflower garden and playground as well as a wading pool. The upgraded brick washroom building now includes a kitchenette and meeting place caed Fred’s.

Fred Hamilton throwing a pitch at Maple Leaf Stadium

Fred Hamilton throwing a pitch at Maple Leaf Stadium

Who is Fred Hamilton ?

George Ben Park sits just west of Fred Hamilton and is a flat playing field with ball diamond and soccer pitch. Many perceive it to be the playing field for Pope Francis Catholic School, but it is actually a public park. The field is occasionally used by non-school sports teams, with or without permits. Features of this park include a fence in good condition running down Roxton Road, and a decent path from Roxton Road to Ossington Avenue with trees and some plantings on the north side of the walkway.

Roxton Road Parkette is a small plot of land with sloped grassy terrain and some trees along the perimeter.