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Thanks for your interest in getting involved! The revitalization of Fred Hamilton Park, George Ben Park, and the Roxton Road Parkette is an exciting, ongoing process and you can jump in and participate in any of a number of ways:

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Donations to support our efforts are gratefully accepted. Donations received at our fundraising events will go toward Revitalization, Playscape, or Community Event initiatives currently under development.

Come to a Friends Committee meeting Meetings and consultations will be announced on this blog, so subscribing (see above) is the best way to stay in the loop. Currently we hold meetings for the general public (Friends Committee, community consultations), as well as smaller Steering Committee and Sub-committee meetings (Revitalization, Playscape, Communication, History, and Events).

Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback? Over the past several months, many great ideas have been generated from Friends meetings and community consultations, and most of this discussion has been captured on our blog. Past blog posts may be sorted by Category or Tag (see menus below), or viewed as a complete list by clicking here. See an idea you love? Let us know! See an idea you hate? Let us know that too. And new ideas of any kind are especially welcome – email us at and we’ll make sure your ideas, suggestions, and feedback get the attention and consideration they deserve!

Support our Efforts! Short on time, but want to support the revitalization and upgrading of your local parks? You can participate by attending our (fun!) fundraisers, purchasing our “Who is Fred Hamilton?” T-shirts, or making a donation any time:

  • Fundraising events will be announced on the blog, so subscribe for the latest updates.
  • Our “Who is Fred Hamilton?” T-shirts are a fun conversation starter and look great to boot! T-shirts are now available.

And always, THANK YOU for your interest, participation, and support!

6 responses to “Get Involved

  1. A woman who grew up on Shaw Street across from the park told me she fondly remembers watching kids movies at night in the summer that were screened on a white sheet attached to one of the out buildings. Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Great idea indeed! I really hope that we get lots of interested neighbours willing to take charge of little things like this that make such a difference to community.

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