Thank you to all our Supporters!

Categories include: Diamond ($500 and up), Platinum ($250-499), Gold ($100-249), Silver ($50-99), Bronze ($25-49), Jelly Bean ($5-24)


Donate $20 to Friends of Roxton Road Parks


Donations are gratefully accepted. Donations received will go toward Revitalization, Playscape, or Community Event initiatives.

Supporters of Roxton Road Parks

2017: Platinum: Bob Pritchard ($250), Gold: Soren, Mason, Annika ($130) Lemonade Sales and Antonio and Flora Oliveira

Equipment Donors for Fred’s building:
Helen & George Cuthbertson – microwave/ Adelaide Madeira – toaster oven and mugs
Rhea – over a dozen mugs/ Natalie – 1 litre electric kettle
Ben & Sam – a multitude of plates, mugs, glasses, knives, serving utensils, toaster
Jill & Scott – stainless steel table/ Zac – coffee maker, coffee grinder, glasses, mugs
Bob – hotplate, popcorn machine/ Maya – four chairs


2016: Platinum: Bob Pritchard ($250), Donation in memory of Matt Riordan ($250), Gold: Aviv, Cole, Julian, Mason and Soren ($180), Jelly Bean: Hailey and Olivia ($5)

2015: Diamond: Paul and Cheryl ($500), Platinum: Bob Pritchard ($250)