Is it really almost Halloween?

Oh my it’s been a frightfully long time since we’ve posted on this blog


Despite all the scary news happening daily, the parks are filled with people trying to enjoy fresh air, family and friends safely. Parks have in fact become focal points for our communities and need our support more than ever before. If you are still subscribed to this blog it means you care about parks too! While the Friends of Roxton Road Parks hibernates a bit longer due to covid, consider subscribing to ParkPeople. They often have suggestions and stories about how to make a positive difference in your park. Since we will not be having our Annual Halloween “Night of the Living Fred” perhaps one of these ideas from ParkPeople (below) might appeal to you and your family. 

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Jill & your Friends at Roxton Road Parks


From Brianna Aspinall
Project Manager, Park Friends Program | Park People

Join and share Park People’s Online Pumpkin Parade, on Sunday, November 1 @ 2-3 pm. People can submit photos of their carved pumpkins and the finalists will be displayed on a slideshow. There will be a prize for the best pumpkin.

Help create an online pumpkin parade by using the following social media handles and hashtags. We will write a blog showcasing some of these images afterward. 

  • Instagram: @parkpll – #parkpeople – #onlinepumpkingparade – #virtualpumpkinparade
  • Twitter: @Park_People – #parkpeople – #onlinepumpkingparade
  • Facebook: @ParkPeopleCA

We hope these help as alternative engagement activities for your community!

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  1. Hi Folks!

    Im using an old email to try and get back to you folks. Is anything happening at this time with the Association?

    I have an old friend from this area who has self published “Ossington Revisited a childhood remembered” It is a short color 60 page publication of writings and memoribilia of a personal life spent in this area.

    Please contact me for more information. I hope you might be able to support this publication in some manner. It is the closest thing to a beating heart of this neighborhood.

    Sincere regards, Tony Muhitch (417 Ossington Ave., 647-688-3185)

    Sent from Mail for Windows

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