Happening in the park

The washrooms in Fred Hamilton Playground are now open for the season.

The cistern and hand pump should be operating again by end of next week.

Sidewalk and street repairs on Shaw Street will be a bit disruptive, but entirely engaging for young and old alike to watch all the big machinery!

Our adopt A Tree and gardening season launches this Sunday May 26th. All adopters are invited to come out and tend their tree or garden, see how things are growing, trouble shoot any problem. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us to lend a hand with planting & weeding. We will also be looking for new adopters! Don’t be shy! Coffee/tea/water and snacks will be available in Fred’s from 2-4 pm.

And finally, our quarterly Friends meeting will be held this Tuesday May 28th. Please feel free to attend the meeting. It will be held in Fred’s at 7 pm. The agenda is attached here