Beautiful Trees in our Parks

The tree canopy in our parks is looking just fantastic this Autumn.  The park seems bigger, brighter, and greener.  This is primarily thanks to our tree adopters who cared for our saplings, and the City who arranged for a major pruning job to be completed.

We had 26 tree adopters on duty who kept more than 45 young saplings going through the summer and early autumn.  This included 36 saplings planted in 2017 and 9 from previous years that still needed attention.  We didn’t lose a single sapling this summer!  Thank you tree adopters!

Fred Hamilton and George Ben Parks both benefitted from the attention this fall of Stevie and Brad of Davey Tree.  Hired by the City to prune the trees, over the course of 3 weeks they tackled 83 trees, plus prepared 3 severely damaged or dead trees for complete removal.  Stevie and Brad became very attached to the park and our neighbours so don’t be surprised if you see them come by, and don’t forget to thank them too!

I am already looking forward to spring knowing all these trees will weather the winter better, and thrive in 2019!


The colourful sugar maple, seen behind the dark tree trunk prepped for removal, had to be the most photographed tree in the park this fall.


Stevie up in the bucket pruning a large Norway Maple.


The Davey Tree truck was a familiar sight this October!