What’s happening in Fred Hamilton Park?

We have two related projects underway right now.  You will have seen the very large pergola or trellis that has been constructed. We shared drawings & info about this structure in our May 30 post New structure coming VERY soon to your park!.  The Friends of Roxton Road Parks will now add a metal roof to this pergola so that we can collect additional rain water.  Of course, having a roof also provides some protection in the park from rain and blistering sun!  The roofing is scheduled to happen either Tuesday September 11 or Wednesday September 12, 2018.


You may have also wondered why our hand-pump never has water. Our WaterHarvest partner, ACO Canada, believes our cistern is leaking from one or the other water outlet joints, so in collaboration with the City of Toronto we plan to excavate one corner of the cistern to see what’s happening.  In an ideal world we can coordinate this at the same time we’re hooking up the new downspout from our new roof!


The red circle shows area with connection that is likely source of water leakage.

The Friends of Roxton Road are grateful to our partners who support these projects including the City of Toronto staff in our Councillors Office and the Parks, Forestry, Recreation Department, Live Green Toronto, and ACO Canada, as well as many volunteers and neighbours who have contributed their time and expertise to make this happen.

See you in the park!