Dinner and Movie with Fred

Dinner and Movie with Fred: FoRRP invites you to our first annual “Dinner and Movie with Fred” in Fred Hamilton park on Friday August 17 starting at 7:00 with a potluck dinner followed by a kid-friendly movie after sunset.

We are also asking everyone who brings a dish to include a small card listing ingredients to alert those with food allergies or food preferences. Additionally, it would be helpful if people could bring a chair, or favourite blanket, plate, and cutlery. Water and ice will be available at Fred’s.

In order to ensure that the potluck dinner has a good mix of mains, salads, and desserts, we are asking people to email Bob (bobprit@interlog.com) with the dish they plan to bring. We already have a lasagna, blueberry pie, and those pork sausages that everyone enjoyed on Environment Day  on offer!

This is a great time to mix and mingle, play some ping-pong or bocce, and see our newly renovated kitchenette and wonderful canopy (thanks Melana!).

So, come join your friends and neighbours at Fred’s for a delicious potluck dinner and an exciting kid-friendly movie!

Stayed tuned for info on late-August croquet tournament!

See you in the park!