New structure coming VERY soon to your park!

Hi everyone,

We learned yesterday that the City is starting construction today on the much anticipated and long awaited shade / water collection structure.

 Fred Hamilton Roof 1
This “trellis”  will be on the north side of the brick washroom / Fred’s kitchenette building in Fred Hamilton Park.  It will provide shade, shelter from the rain, and allow us to harvest additional water for greening our parks, while easing some of the burden on our sewer system. The work will last 1 to 1.5  weeks. The washroom, water & electrical outlets, and door to Fred’s on the north side of the building may not be accessible during this period.  So if you need into the building during construction, please enter from the south side.
 IMG_8521 (1)
As a result of this work, we are deferring our June 5th Toast Tuesday.  Later this summer the roofing on the “trellis” will be completed, but we anticipate it will only take one day to complete.
We are grateful to the City of Toronto for building us this structure and also our colleague at LiveGreen who very quickly and graciously agreed to extend our WaterHarvest funding deadline beyond July 1st so that we can still proceed with the roofing and further water collection.

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  1. Hi,

    Really impressive all the work that has gone into this. You should be proud!

    Carol Green

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