Thank You

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks wish to take this time to publicly thank all our 2017 donors and volunteers.

First of all my personal thanks go out to the directors and officers of FoRRP and all our committee members who donate their time attending meetings and working hard to continually improve and bring life to our parks.

We are grateful to all those people who donated equipment and furnishings to our kitchen including: Rhea Gordon, Ben & Sam, Adelaide Madeira, Helen & George Cuthbertson, Natalie, Maya, Bob & Margaret, Zac, Jill & Scott.

We are always delighted and grateful when our neighbours chose to donate funds.  To them, a huge thank you for allowing us to continue bringing upgrades to the park.  These people include: Antonio and Flora Oliveira, Bob Pritchard, and then there are the inventive youngsters Soren, Mason and Annika who on hot summer days and during events, offered lemonade in the park for donations.

And last but not least, our thanks go to the many tree and garden adopters who are helping to green our parks and the neighbours who come out on community clean-up day to get our park looking spiffy for spring!

For more info check out our Donations page and click here

To learn more about all our 2017 accomplishments click here or read our AGM minutes.

Everyone is invited to our upcoming meetings. They will be held March 27, May 22, and October 23, 2018.