What’s happening at Fred’s?

With holidays imminent and 2017 drawing to a close keeping people busy, we wanted to tell you about some non-christmasy things!
Tomorrow evening (Dec 12) please join us for a meeting in Fred’s about future programming in the kitchenette.  We’ve had a few ”Friends” events in there and are inspired by the feedback and ideas we’ve received so far.  And, we understand better some of the operational issues. Come by Fred’s at 7 pm, we’ll have a pot of tea on, and tell us more about what you’d like to do with Fred’s.  We wrap at 8:30 pm so don’t miss this chance!
Having Fred’s kitchenette in our community is a great asset, and the City is very supportive that their amenity be operated by the Friends of Roxton Road Parks.  It comes with some unexpected drawbacks though! Unfortunately, on multiple occasions we found the door unlocked, cabinets opened including one lock broken, garbage on counters, and floor, and our one page of comments from the official launch in September was ripped out of our Comment Book and crumpled up.  Golidlocks (or whoever broke in) was also wearing one of our large T-shirts, but kindly left it behind for laundering. Some items including t-shirts and the Batman piggy bank were stolen but hard to tell everything that is missing. Clearly Fred’s was being used as a warm place to smoke, have a beer and coffee, and a bit of “fun”.  If they’d only left it clean, we might not have noticed (or cared so much!).   Our Park Supervisor and City Councillor’s office have been notified.   The graffiti on the wall and table gives us some leads which we are pursuing.
An additional locking mechanism has been added and the space cleaned up by City Staff and FoRRP volunteers. As neighbours and friends of the Roxton Road parks, please help us keep the parks and Fred’s clean and safe and if you see anything suspicious, let us know!
Stay tuned here for the dates of our AGM and Pancake breakfast – both at Fred’s, in January!