Fred’s Launch Party

Fred’s Launch Party: With Tim and Dave’s magical music kicking off the Launch Party, perfect “summer in September” weather, heartfelt speeches, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and pies, coffee (Fred’s own brand!), and lemonade being served, the launch of the kitchenette was a huge success!


Thanks to everyone who donated items for the kitchenette. Thanks also to Jill, Zac, Scott, and Bob for decorating the kitchenette, to Brian Green for the lovely planters, which added a welcome festive air to the site and for making sure the park was in top-notch shape, to Tim and Dave for their wonderful music, and to Jill for the delicious pies. Thanks also to Pam, Christine, and Stephanie for their delicious baked goods.



Thanks to Rhea for organizing the raffle and her donation of coffee mugs. Thanks to Ben for developing the coffee subscription program and designing the coffee bag labels. Thanks also to Barbara for her coffee contribution. Thanks to Soren, Mason, and Annika, for the delicious lemonade and their amazing fund-raising activities and thanks to Melana and Julie for all their organizing effort and hard work. Thanks too for Tara’s hard work on the lovely container garden. Thanks to Adelaide and Natalie for their donations at the event.


Special thanks to Councillor Mike Layton and Marco for their ongoing support for this project over the last five years and to Mike for the ribbon-cutting ceremony!


Coffee Subscription: For information re a subscription service for Fred’s own unique blend of coffee, please contact Ben at

Toast Tuesday: Join your neighbours and friends on Tuesday October 10 at 10 AM for our first “Toast Tuesday” with toast, local honey, and Fred’s own unique blend of coffee being served!

See you in the park!!