More trees coming to our parks this week!

More trees coming to our parks this week!

White Oak, Yellow Buckeye, Horsechestnut, White Birch, American Beech, Valley Forge Elm, Tulip Tree, Weeping Willow, and Eastern Hemlock are just some of the trees being planted starting this week (hopefully!). In total, another 37 trees will be planted by City contractors in our 3 parks including:
– 25 in Fred Hamilton Park;
– 3 in Roxton Road Parkette; and
– 9 in George Ben Park.

This follows on 44 trees planted since 2013, all but 7 of those having survived dry summers, one really harsh winter, and some vulnerable locations, thanks to the FoRRP team of dedicated tree adopters!

Our goals with this newest planting are to:
– provide shade protection specifically along walkways and areas with playground equipment;
– increase diversity of species ensuring better tree health, aesthetic beauty & interest especially during Autumn with coloured leaves;
– contribute to the City’s goal of 40% tree coverage in 40-50 years.

If you’re keen to see more detail about what will be planted where, click for access to the planting plans for each park. Fred Hamilton Park     George Ben Park     Roxton Road Parkette

There are 10 trees still looking for adopters.  If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested, contact Jill through friends@