Community Clean-up Day

Community Clean-up Day:

With warm spring weather on Earth Day and a crew of happy volunteers, Community Clean-up Day in Fred Hamilton, George Ben, and Roxton Road parks was a huge success. The first “exotic” find of the day was a fortune cookie insert that read” “You will make a change for the better,” and this find set the tone for the day!

It was encouraging to see how clean the parks were compared to previous years! However, the main problem was, as it has been in the past, discarded cigarette butts! Vanessa alone collected more than 300 butts in just two hours of cleaning  up!

 Prizes of chocolates and an “alien” pillow were won by two happy young volunteers who collected many “exotic” items.

Thanks to the Events Committee for organizing the event and to all the volunteers who worked hard to make it such a great success: Stephanie and Brent and their three kids, Gina and kids, Julia, Philippe, Oliver, Paula, Fatima, Liz, Doug and Margit, Vanessa, Melana, Annika, Jill, Tim, and Bob.

Special thanks to Brian Green, our parks supervisor, for all the clean-up supplies and his ongoing support, and to Harry and the city park crews who work so hard to keep all our parks clean and beautiful.

See you in the park!