2017 Calendar- Adventures into the past

Roxton Road 1930's

Roxton Road 1930’s

Nostalgia is a powerful force. It’s what brought Carol Green to my porch this summer, to pick up copies of the Friends of Roxton Road Parks heritage calendar.

Our calendar, now in its fifth year, features photographs from the Toronto Public Library and the City of Toronto Archives showing what our neighbourhood looked like years ago.

Our neighbourhood has changed as our city developed. But you can look through the vintage photographs and try to imagine what the streets, shops, houses and parks were like in the 1920s or even earlier, before Garrison Creek was filled in. Or you can speak to those who still remember a time gone by.

Carol’s dad lived on Roxton Rd. as a child and remembers sledding in Bickford Park. Here is Carol’s Story of revisiting the neighbourhood to find her dad’s childhood home.

If you have vintage photographs or memories of our parks and neighbourhood, please get in touch via friends@roxtonroadparks.com.  

Kim Hume
Heritage Committee co-chair

463 Roxton Road in the 1930’s

463 Roxton Road in 2016



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  1. As always, thank you for your extra community building efforts!

    All the best, take care and have a great weekend!

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