FoRRP agenda and building reno update

See below for more images and a quick update on the renovation of the brick washroom building in Fred Hamilton Park.
FoRRP Agenda for Nov 16, 2016
Location:1082 Dundas/Shaw (main floor meeting space), 7:00pm to 8:30pm
1. City Updates
2. History: Calendar 2017
3. Green: Tree Proposal; Container Garden adoption; Laneway puncture feedback
4. Events: Night of the Living Fred Event Recap, Next Event
5. Revitalization: Building Update & Proposal for Tetherball in FHP
6. Other Business
7. Next Meeting: Wed January 18, 2017 for Annual General Meeting
Aside from the new grading with concrete surrounding the building, and a container garden, all of the work has been happening inside. Check out these demolition photographs from last week.  The building is still on course to be completed by the end of the year, with the exception of our new counter in the community kitchen / meeting space.
img_6972 img_6971

You can see in the photographs that the large cast iron sinks have been preserved and will be re-purposed in the finished building.  Final finishes and colours are being selected now and will be posted here soon!  Thanks go to Melana for working closely with the City and staying on top of this renovation on behalf of FoRRP.