What’s all the activity in Fred Hamilton Park?

What’s all the activity in Fred Hamilton Park?   In addition to a lot of Pokemon Go sightings…..

– the grading around the brick washroom building started on Monday.  This work prepares the site for the renovation project beginning later this summer. The grade will be raised around the entire building to ensure that all 4 future entrances are wheelchair accessible.

– the shade structure is now in the playground.  It’s not exactly where or what we thought was coming, but it does provide a bit more shade!  Hopefully the new sod below it survives this dry spell.

– the sodding around the concrete bases for our 5 new benches will take place in September.

– we have no date for when the ping pong table will arrive, or the landscaping around it will be completed.

– a couple of dead trees will be removed soon by the City – one by the lower level playground on Roxton Road, the other, an Ash tree, at the north end of the laneway.

– the laneway puncture is showing some signs of greening despite the dry weather.

– the WaterHarvest plumbing will hopefully be repaired this week – we had some blockage preventing the water getting from our rain barrel into the cistern.

– you may see a couple more rain barrels installed in the park and lane way over the summer.

At our “Friends” meeting last evening, we did some planning related to George Ben Park and Roxton Road Parkette, both of which need some love!  Stay tuned here for more details.

Just a reminder that if you see something amiss in our parks or lane ways, like a dead tree limb, dumped garbage, or worse, don’t hesitate to call 311.  This is a great service that the City provides!

Enjoy your weekend!

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