WaterHarvest prototype launch

Thank you to everyone who came out to help celebrate the launch of the WaterHarvest prototype. The weather was perfect and so was the company.

The kids really enjoyed playing with the hand pump watching the water surge down the stream into the rain garden at the bottom of the hill. We are pleased to say we are now saving the rain water and in just a few weeks time will be reusing it for watering our gardens and trees.


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Special guest appearance by none other than Fred and Joan Hamilton.  Fred’s father was instrumental in having Toronto parks opened up to the public for playing on Sundays.  (read the story here)

Fred & Joan Hamilton, April 30, 2016

Fred & Joan Hamilton, April 30, 2016

Our extra special thanks go to:

– Dinu Filip and Jon Donaldson from ACO Systems who donated and installed our cistern

– Jeff McCormick from Livegreen who funded this project

– Doug Bennet, Councillor Mike Layton and Marco Bianchi who shepherded us through the planning stages, and Dan Popdiuk, Tom Feeney and Brian Green for onsite support when we needed it most!

– Allan Grieg from Enbridge for helping feed us at the launch.

We couldn’t mention during the remarks everyone who has helped, so here it goes (in no particular order), but we are grateful to each and everyone one of you:

Parks, Forestry & Recreation: Peter Kozovski, Dan Popadiuk, Doug Muir, Peter White, Paul Orichefsky, Tom Feeney, Mario Cacciola, Brian Green, Magdelena Foremski, Ray Stukas, John Abela, Paul McN, Manuel, Nancy, Kevin, Jason, Dan, Ed, Harry, Peter, Cathy, Andrew, Andrew & Mike,

Councillor’s Office: Mike Layton, Marco Bianchi, Angel Surdi, Michal Hay

Partnerships Office: Doug Bennet, Rob Myatt, Rob Richardson.

Forestry Department: Mark Ventresca and Catherine Jung

Livegreen: Jeff McCormick and Sanjay Cishecki

The FoRRP team: Jill Cuthbertson, Melana Janzen, Zac Childs, Christine Leonard, Bob Pritchard, Samantha Irvine, Barbara Roston, Meg Olson, & Cristian, Will & Cooper.

ACO team comprised of Dinu Filip, Jon Donaldson, Frank Nguyen, Giovanni Cugliandro, Alex Blixt, Valentin Signol plus Fraser Robinson from Geo-synthetics

TRCA support provided by Vicky McGrath, Sonir Dhir, & Glen McMillan

Enbridge for BBQ support: Mary Scelsa and Allan Greig, and neighbour Deirdre

Concrete work completed by Rouman Marinov of Reno-Vision

Tree advice donated by Adam Vandermeij of Heartwood

Our permanent sign was written by Kim Hume, Jill and Melana, designed by Corina Wong & produced by the City.

Images from City of Toronto Archives, Alternatives Journal, Jon Muldoon and FoRRP members.

Photography by Bob Pritchard, Angela Surdi, Doug Bennet, and Jill

MJ architecture staff & interns: May Wu, Anahita Fahran and Duncan

We are grateful to various other suppliers for their patience with our questions including the farm hand pump from Laura and Fatima at Goric, planting materials from Islington Nurseries and Dupont Construction, small signs from Lamin-8.

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