Friends Meeting on May 18th

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks will be holding a meeting in Fred Hamilton Park on May 18th. At 7:30pm we will find a couple available picnic tables. If it is raining we will relocate to 382 Shaw Street. Please come out and join us. We will be discussing the many recent changes in our parks such as the WaterHarvest and it’s next steps, our role in the Laneway Puncture project, and lots of other new changes. We hope to see you May 18th, and have a great Spring!

FoRRP Agenda for May 18, 2016
Location: Fred Hamilton Park, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Discussion Items: (15 min)
Film Shoots
Laneway Puncture: rain barrels and community adoption
Promoting non-FoRRP activities

City Update (15 min) – Marco
Washroom Building
Ping Pong Table
Community groups as lobbyists
Park Signage

Communications update (5 min) – Christine
PayPal Update

Revitalization (30 min) – Melana
Water Harvest next steps
Playground Committee
Small garden in RRP
Tree adoption and new trees
Plastic bag dispensary

Events (10 min) – Bob
August Block Party
Recap of Environment Day / WaterHarvest Launch and Community Clean-up

General Business (15 min – Jill)
St. Luke and Senhor Santo Cristo Amalgamation Transition Team
Secretary Update: Annual Return
Treasurer Update: 2016 budget

Next Meeting: July 20, 2016