WaterHarvest – Fred Hamilton Park (starts next week!)

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A water harvesting system including water storage cells will soon be installed at Fred Hamilton Park.

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks (FoRRP) in collaboration with the City of Toronto Councillor’s Office, the Department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, along with neighbours and friends, are creating infrastructure to capture and use rainwater.

We call this project the WaterHarvest.  It aims to recreate a small piece of the lost watershed that was the Garrison Creek.  FoRRP received a LiveGreen grant of $19,475 to create a prototype WaterHarvest system and ACO Technologies will be donating the storage cells.

The system will divert water currently falling on the roof of the park building from going straight into the sewers, and to build a cistern and raingarden.  The captured rainwater will be used for watering park trees and gardens, will reduce the burden on the aging sewer infrastructure and increase awareness of the natural water cycle.

See the plans for the WaterHarvest here.

The small brick building in the lower level of the park is being removed.  The City has wanted to do this for a while due to its poor condition and awkward location.  It suites the WaterHarvest project well and opens up the slope for park activities.

If you are interested in volunteering with this project please email us at friends@roxtonroadparks.com


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