Agenda for May 2015 meeting

Friends of Roxton Road Parks Agenda

Wednesday May 20, 2015, Fred Hamilton Park, 7 to 8:30 pm


City Update: 20 minutes (Marco)

Discussion item: The Laneway Project “Puncture” with guest Michelle Senayah – 30 minutes

Brief Updates:

Green – 10 minutes (Aidan)

Revitalization – 10 minutes (Melana)

History – 5 minutes (Barbara)

Events – 5 minutes (Bob)

Other business – 10 minutes (anyone)

Next Meeting: July 15, 2015

One response to “Agenda for May 2015 meeting

  1. I hope to attend. I try to keep the lane between Ossington & Roxton south of College clean. This kind of approach would be an ongoing positive message.
    Can anything be done about the eyesore house under construction for almost 3 years at the corner of Roxton and College? They finally redid the pavement there, hooray, now lets stop the visual disaster of this house.
    Finally how did the 5 story monstrosity at College & Ossington get past us?
    Thanks for all your work for the neighborhood….Tony (417 Ossington)

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