Four New Apple Trees


On October 17th under the expert supervision of Brian Green, City of Toronto’s Park Supervisor, FoRRP and the Compost Council of Canada planted four apple trees in Fred Hamilton. Joe Pantalone, former Deputy Mayor, City of Toronto pitched in with his expert shovelling technique. These trees have been adopted by Susan of the Compost Council.  Once the new kitchenette is open, we will be making apple pie with apples picked from these trees!

Thanks to the following people who worked hard to plant the trees and make Fred Hamilton an even greener park: Joe, Aidan, Vanessa, Susan, Danielle, Brian, Jill, Bob, Zac, and two strong looking teenagers who pitched in, but whose names we unfortunately didn’t get!

Tree adoption is one of the easy ways to contribute to your parks.  We have wrapped up our season now, but will be looking for more adopters in 2015….give it some thought over the winter, and we’ll keep you posted here when we start up next spring!


Planting apple trees