Friends meet on Wednesday September 17

Agenda for Wednesday September 17, 2014 

Location & Time: Fred Hamilton Park, 7 to 9 pm, meet by the Bocci Courts

  1. Welcome and General updates (Jill)
  2. City Update and Business (Marco) including current status of path & building project
  3. History Committee (Barbara) including Calendar update
  4. Events (Bob) including: 3rd Annual Block Party & Halloween event
  5. Revitalization (Melana) including: Value engineering & prioritizing features of 2014/15 path & building project
  6. Green Task Force (Aidan): including Eco classrooms – learning orchard and gardens for George Ben Park & Tree Inventory
  7. Other business (anyone)

We invite everyone to come early that evening to help plant apple trees in the lower level of Fred Hamilton – bring your shovel, we will start work there around 5:30 pm!