100 in 1-Day Festival


Saturday June 7th marked the first annual 100 in 1-Day Festival in Toronto (www.100in1Day.ca). FoRPP participated by re-creating the path of Garrison Creek through Fred Hamilton Park using sheets of fabric (donated by our neighbours) that were strung along bamboo stakes. Despite some early “engineering” difficulties, the team managed to make our “Swim the Creek” installation strong enough to stand for 24 hours.

All day and into the evening, kids and adults engaged with the installation, playing around it (peek-a-boo, soccer, taking photos, etc.) and reading about the history of Garrison Creek on nearby posters. One out-of-town visitor said she thought it was an art installation and said that it and the park were wonderful and she wished they had something comparable in Calgary. Overall, a great success!


Thanks to Samantha, Ben, Aidan, and Bob for their creativity and hard work. Thanks to Melana for the use of her sewing machine.

We’re hoping to make the installation bigger and bolder for next year, so keep us in mind if you have any blue or green material to donate throughout the year.