Clean Up Day 2014 Highlights

On Sunday April 27th FORRP joined with staff, parents, and students from St. Luke’s school, and several park rangers to clean up Fred Hamilton, George Ben, and Roxton Road Parkette. Although it was a windy day and there were still no leaves on the trees, the feeling of spring was in the air.


Councillor Mike Layton, who has been a very strong supporter of FORRP park events and revitalization plans for Fred Hamilton park, turned out to pitch in with the park clean up and the tree plantings. Five trees in all were planted in George Ben Park and named “Tim”, “Horton, “Sugar”, “Maple”, and “Luke” by the students. A sixth tree, a paw paw, was planted in Roxton Road Parkette.

The purple benches donated by Brian Greene for a Halloween park event were placed throughout the park and added a whimsical note of colour. Along with the usual garbage and cigarette butts the most “exotic” garbage find was  a large stuffed toy giraffe!

Jill served her delicious lemon squares and Bob supplied lemonade. It was a wonderful fun-filled day and by the end the parks looked cleaned and refreshed and waiting expectantly for the long-delayed spring weather to arrive.


*Workshop and Environment Day Highlights coming up soon…