Congratulations Bob

Bob Pritchard was recently nominated by FoRRP as an extraordinary volunteer in which MPP Rosario Marchese recognized his contributions at the 2nd Annual Trinity-Spadina Community Appreciation Event. Congratulations.


Bob Pritchard walks through the park with a whimsical grace endearing himself to

everyone that crosses his path. He is filled with optimism, dedication, and an intimate

connection with every aspect of the neighbourhood. The human manifestation of

community spirit. The complete and essential neighbour.

Over the past two years, he has chaired the Events Committee of the Friends of Roxton

Road Parks (FoRRP) holding a total of nine events in our parks. These events have

brought together neighbours of all ages and fostered a sense of what it means to be a

community. His contagious optimism seeps into every other member of the park group

making volunteerism both fun and effective.

His volunteer community efforts have not been limited to FoRRP as he is also actively

involved in the College Montrose Children’s Place, and has adopted multiple trees along

the Garrison Creek park system, while being a beacon of goodwill to all.

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks nominate Bob Pritchard because he is embodiment

of what it means to be a volunteer, a neighbour, and a friend.

Block Party 2013- Bob and Aidan   IMG_0249

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  1. Way to go Bob! I am so honoured to know you. Thank you for keeping the community spirit alive. Sitting on the events committee with you has been such a delight! Cheers, Patricia Santos Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 14:47:50 +0000 To:

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