Night of the Living Fred Halloween Party Highlights

On Sunday, October 27th FORRP celebrated the Second Annual Night of the Living Fred Halloween Party in Fred Hamilton Park. Neighbours enjoyed a spooky evening in the park after dark! With no hint of rain, the kids’ party started at 7pm with games (thanks TIm), a pumpkin design contest, a costume contest, and loot bags for all the kids (thanks Rhea).
Halloween Party 2013
Bob had his popcorn machine working so everyone enjoyed hot popcorn.(thanks Bob). The wonderful purple benches (thanks to Brian Greene) provided comfortable seating to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
More hot popcorn followed. At 9pm the adults bundled up in blankets to watch Brandon Cronenberg’s film Antiviral (thanks Brandon) a wonderful surreal experience.
Thanks to the everyone who attended. And to the Events committee for all their hard work and planning, thanks to Christine for the great posters and flyers, and special thanks to Pat and John for providing the screen and projection equipment. 

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