Shaw Street: Bicycle lanes and Sharrows are being installed

On Shaw Street, in the section between College and Dundas and adjacent to Fred Hamilton Park, two types of official bicycle lanes are being installed as part of a larger project along Shaw Street. Existing southbound bicycle traffic will soon be marked with “sharrows”.  A new northbound bicycle lane also called a “contra-flow” bicycle lane will be added and marked with a solid yellow line.
Parking for residents along this stretch will now be permanently on the west side of the street. Parking will also be permitted in front of Fred Hamilton Park from 9 pm- 9 am for vehicles with their street parking permits. Parking for those without permits is only allowed from 9 pm to midnight. Vehicles will not be allowed to block the entrances to the park and will not be allowed to park in front of Fred Hamilton Park during the day from 9 am- 9 pm.
This new bicycle lane will be installed this year, however exact dates for the painting schedules are subject to weather, overnight temperatures, and the availability of the contractors.  The City anticipates that the route will be substantially complete by mid November 2013.
shared lane pavement marking is a bicycle symbol with two chevrons in front of it. There are no bylaws or fines to prevent motorists from driving, stopping, standing or parking on top of sharrows.
Bicycle lanes are marked by a solid lane line, and they always have diamond symbols in them.  The line and the diamond symbol mean that this is a reserved lane, for the use of cyclists only.  Motorists should not drive, stop, stand of park in bicycle lanes or they may be fined.
Here is a link to the project website and a link to the staff report