Looking for ways to have fun in your neighbourhood?

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks (FoRRP) is looking for volunteers for a variety of activities related to Fred Hamilton Park, George Ben Park, and Roxton Road Parkette including:

  • Adopt a Tree Program
  • Tree Inventory Program
  • Fred’s Wildflower Garden
  • Special Events
  • Making History
  • Communications
  • Ongoing FoRRP Committees

If you live in the area, have some time to contribute to your community, and want to meet some great neighbours, check out some of these opportunities. Do you have an idea about something new and different or perhaps you have expertise and interest that could benefit your community? We’d like to hear from you too!

To find out more about these opportunities, see the brief descriptions below. To let us know your interest, please contact info@roxtonroadparks.com and we’ll be in touch with you quickly!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Adopt a Tree Program

More trees are coming! Six new trees will be planted in Fred Hamilton Park this spring to coincide with the completion of the new ramp.Up to another 20 trees will be planted later in the spring by the City of Toronto in both Fred Hamilton Park and George Ben Park. Would you like to help start the Friends of Roxton Road Parks (FoRRP) volunteer Adopt-A-Tree (AAT) program by being one of the first to adopt your very own tree? Your participation will keep these newly planted trees alive through their precarious first few years while their root systems are still shallow. By joining now, you will have the privilege of being a founder of this new program and a leader in your community! You may also have the opportunity to help plant your tree! Our program is modeled on other successful Adopt-A-Tree programs in the City of Toronto that are helping increase overall canopy within the city, provide clean air, a habitat for birds and other small animals, and shelter us and our children from the hot summer sun. So come out and help our parks grow into something beautiful!

Available for adoption in Fred Hamilton Park late April 2013 (tbc with City):

2 Red Oak Trees

2 America Basswood

1 Freeman Maple

2 White Pine

1 Balsam Fir

Approximately twenty additional trees of various species from Tulip Tree to Northern Catalpa will be available for planting and adoption in Fred Hamilton and George Ben parks mid-May. If you are interested in adoption, for the species list and locations, please get in touch with us.

Tree Inventory Program

Love trees and want to see more in our neighbourhood? Sign up now for the first neighbourhood-wide inventory using the highly successful “Neighbourwoods” system that will help determine what trees we have, and what trees to plant where! Our neighbourhood bounded by College, Queen, Dovercourt to Bathurst streets has a dismal 7% canopy coverage. The goal is to have 20 to 30% by 2050. Help make that a reality! Because we have opted to use an inventory system that is recognized nationally (homegrown by U of T), and is run by experts in the field of forest conservation, there is a modest registration fee of $50 for a 2-day training which ensures you will be trained by the pros! Some fundraising is taking place on April 13th at Environment Day in Trinity Bellwoods Park to try and offset some of the costs. FoRRP is looking for at least 5 people willing to participate in the training and then spend time time “on the ground” doing the actual inventory as time permits. The inventory is expected to take place starting this summer, and will likely run for a couple of subsequent summers.

FoRRP partners for this initiative are the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Parks, Trinity Bellwoods Community Association, Ossington Community Association, the Toronto District School Board, and University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry.

Fred’s Wildflower Garden

Become a friend of Fred Hamilton Park by helping to prepare the park’s garden for a new growing season and then caring for the garden throughout the summer. The plants in Fred’s Wildflower Garden are not trimmed back at the onset of cold weather in the fall. Instead the dormant plants are left to provide structure, beauty, and habitat throughout the winter months and to encourage re-seeding. That means when spring arrives, we need to cut back the plant stalks and dried seed heads to make way for new green growth. Volunteers are needed to help with Fred’s Wildflower Garden “spring cut back” taking place on Wednesday April 24, and then occurring every Wednesday evening throughout the summer volunteers will be needed for weeding, watering, and mulching.

FoRRP garden partner is the Compost Council of Canada

Special Events

FoRRP holds four annual events. Winter Pancake Breakfast, Spring Environment Day, Summer Block Party, and our favourite – The Night of the Living Fred (Halloween). Are you interested in helping out at any of these events? Even if you can’t spare your time, maybe you can support the events through donations, loan of materials or equipment, etc. And if you don’t feel like being on the organizing side, make sure you sign up to our blog so you receive notice of the events and plan to attend!

Making History

Have you interesting stories to tell about our parks and neighbourhood? Do you know someone who’s stories should be captured on video? Do you know of something interesting happening in the park that should be recorded? Are you interested in research and/or writing about History? We’d like to hear from you!


Do you have experience in design, journalism, or public relations? We’re looking for a few dedicated people who can create print and web communications that work with existing FoRRP identity. We also need people to take photographs at our events and write posts of local interest for our blog. Last but not least, we are looking for that special someone who can be our point person for the press and community. With so much going on, there’s lots to talk about!

If any of the above roles are of interest to you, please contact shani@roxtonroadparks.com with a link to your website or examples of your work (or a brief summary of your experience), and an estimate of how much time you can volunteer to help promote your local parks!

Ongoing FoRRP Committees

FoRRP Steering Committee is looking for interested neighbours to join ongoing discussions by either attending bimonthly FoRRP meetings (no need to sign up in advance – just come), or if you have specific interests, why not join one or more of our various subcommittees.  In order to be effective, we do limit the number of participants on subcommittees to 8, so sign up early to guarantee your spot.

Current Subcommittees are:

  • Revitalization
  • Kitchen Task Force (new group, short-term project)
  • Trees
  • Events
  • Communications
  • History