Upcoming Friends Meeting: Weds, March 20, 2013

We hope to see everyone at the next Friends of Roxton Road Parks meeting. The meeting will be held at the Trinity Bellwoods Recreation Centre in Trinity Bellwoods Park on Wednesday, March 20th from 7 to 9 pm. To find us, ask at the front desk for Councillor Layton’s meeting!

Here is our agenda:

1. IntroductionsJill, 5 mins
2. City of Toronto UpdatesMarco, 30 mins
2.1 2013 Park improvement updates – Martin
2.2 Idea related to Garrison Creek
3. Events Sub-CommitteeBob, 10 mins
3.1 FoRRP Presence at FoTBP Environment Day April 13
3.2 Spring (Compost Drop, ramp inauguration; rainbarrel.ca; tree planting; Adopt-a-Tree      launch; U of T tree project launch; little library project and launch
4. Community Garden DiscussionSusan, 10 mins
4.1 initial plans for 2013
5. RevitalizationMelana, 10 mins
5.1 Task Force Idea (washroom building, seating)
5.3 Engaging with FRM lab and/or Ryerson on Water Harvest Project
6. History Subcommittee UpdatesSusan, 5 mins
7. Tree Subcommittee launch and initial stepsAdam, 10 mins
8. CommunicationsShani, 5 mins
9. Grant ApplicationsJill & Justine, 5 mins
9.1 ParkPeople/Weston Foundation
9.2 Other imminent funding opportunities to discuss?
10. Next Meeting – May 15, 2013 (3rd Wednesday of every other month)

8:30 – Meeting can break at this point.  Everyone can stay if they wish and we are on schedule. I hope all Steering Committee members can stay for this portion.

11. Outcomes and updates from last Steering Committee meeting, Marco & Jill, 15-30 mins
11.1 Confirming 2013 FoRRP Org Chart and Principles
11.2 2013 Goals

We must be out of Building by 9 pm.