Two-way bike lanes coming to Shaw Street!

In case you missed the flyer in your mailbox, or couldn’t attend the open house hosted by the City on Feb 19, here’s a quick recap of what seems to be happening as it affects the area around Fred Hamilton Park specifically. Everyone agrees that two-way bikes on Shaw Street are great idea and will address the fact that cyclists will continue to travel northbound on Shaw….so let’s make it safer and easier for everyone!

The City is proposing to install a north-bound bike lane on the east side of Shaw Street and move the parking to the west side throughout the entire year for the stretch from Dundas to Bloor. This would require amending a bylaw to permit cars to park directly in front of the Fred Hamilton Park at all times. Southbound cyclists would travel in the shared lane with the cars and trucks.

Proposal for bike lane on shaw

Proposal for bike lane on Shaw Street

At the February 26 Revitalization meeting chaired by Melana Janzen, Christine Bouchard from the City Traffic Services joined us to answer our questions and hear our feedback. We asked her to consider three specific aspects during the planning and implementation:

  1. Is it safe for children to have cars parked directly beside a park? Dashing between parked cars is a concern. There is also some discomfort with the aesthetics of having cards consistently parked on the park’s border.
  2. Will this make garbage pick-up along this stretch of Shaw Street more difficult for the collectors? West-side residents put bins on sidewalk, whereas east-side residents use back lane.
  3. Can markings on the road and signage be extra clear and how can we inform people about this change? Often it is confusing or markings on the street quickly become faded or obscure. Also the transition to two-way cycling could be confusing and dangerous as people learn new rules.

You have until March 11th to provide your input for the proposed plans for two-way cycling lanes that run directly by Fred Hamilton Park. If you have any concerns or ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with City Staff who are interested in hearing from you! Call Cycling Infrastructure & Programs at 416-338-1066 or email; or contact your councillor’s office by calling Ashley at 416-392-4010. For more information go to

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