Lost Rivers Documentary and Walking Tour featuring Garrison Creek

A friend of mine from work went to see a new documentary film at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema last night. She is a long-time east-ender and knows very little about the neighbourhood we know, love and live in. But first thing this morning she wanted to talk about Garrison Creek. This is because Lost Rivers, by Montreal’s Caroline Bâcle, features Garrison Creek as one of many rivers worldwide which have been covered over time by urban infrastructure.

Interested in learning more?

  • See the documentary yourself. It’s showing three times this week.
  • Join the Garrison Creek walking tour this Sunday, March 10th at 2 pm.
  • Read about the Homegrown National Park project which will establish “a vibrant green corridor following the former path of Garrison Creek”.
  • Ask us about The Water Harvest, a new project of the Friends of Roxton Road Parks in its very early stages, which aims to connect water sources and uses in our parks, and teach park visitors about the urban water cycle through intergenerational play and urban farming. Imagine a miniature, interactive and functional Garrison Creek above ground running through Fred Hamilton Playground…
  • Watch the Lost Rivers trailer… (I cried!)

Lost Rivers – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Catbird Productions on Vimeo.

6 responses to “Lost Rivers Documentary and Walking Tour featuring Garrison Creek

    • Thanks for asking Jill. I couldn’t find it online but my friend who went to see Lost Rivers says to meet at Christie and Bloor at 2 pm

  1. I also attended the screening over the weekend (Friday). Interesting ideas indeed! I will update everyone on the 20th about another possible initiative that I have been asked to canvass our park people about, related to this precise topic.

    • If your canvas is about unearthing the Garrison Creek Marco – YES!!! I am keen to be canoeing out my front door very soon (wow – imagine).

  2. If you’re wondering if there is interest in unearth the Garrison Creek Marco – yes!! Let’s do it. I am keen to go canoeing out my front door very soon. Bring it on.

    • Funny story I learned about working on another park project, if you can prove that a canoe route exists, it means that no one can touch the portage (ie develop, cover it). There is just one caveat: the portage needs to be currently available to travel on!

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