Year in Review

Jill Cuthbertson opened the first FoRRP Steering Committee meeting in 2013 with a list of our accomplishments to date. In 2012 (and part of 2011), the Friends of Roxton Road Parks:

  • Found and met with Fred Hamilton! (junior)
  • Launched a website, and then relaunched it with a new identity and added Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Changed name to Friends of Roxton Road Parks
  • Started a bank account
  • Developed a tree partnership with U of T
  • Received press from multiple media outlets
  • Started ramp construction
  • Held two open houses
  • Distributed two flyers
  • Published a 2013 heritage calendar
  • Held three events
  • Planned 2013 upgrades
  • Submitted our first grant application
  • Completed Food in Our Parks survey
  • Operationalized Friends structure
  • Produced “Who is Fred Hamilton?” t-shirts
  • Held nine Friends meetings

Congratulations and thanks to all of our members, community partners, and neighbors who helped make this incredible list of achievements possible! Stay tuned for more exciting updates (and ways to get involved) as things start to heat up in 2013!