New ramps for Fred Hamilton Playground

Ramp leading into park, midway up Roxton

We thought sharing the final plans for the new ramps going into Fred Hamilton Playground would be a good idea prior to construction, which we still hope will be this fall. The ramps will replace the two staircases into the park that are in poor condition — the drawing above shows the ramp planned for the north end of the park, and the drawing below shows the ramp planned for the south end of the park, near the playground. (Click images to enlarge.)

The plans are pretty close to final — the only adjustment is that the ramp to the south will end earlier (ie, not extend all the way to the wading pool) in order to give us time to complete our planning on the lower level.

As with any construction project, timing and final construction may differ slightly from what’s shown here but we’re very pleased with the city and the landscape architect who patiently heard out our concerns about traffic patterns, grade, materials, and trees. We’ll let you know just as soon as we have a prospective start date!

Ramp at south end leading from Roxton Road into lower playground area