Managing our urban forest

Last week, FoRRP members Jill Cuthbertson and Susan Antler met with three graduate students from the University of Toronto’s Master of Forest Conservation program to discuss our participation in the development of their urban forest management plan. This plan could cover a large portion of Ward 19 including our three parks and many of the streets that we live on, which is great news because we know the existing trees in our area need some attention, and we want to add more trees as part of our long-term park revitalization. We discussed many aspects that will be considered, including: multi-year planning, the history of our area, tree inventory, tree maintenance and pest management, soil quality, diversifying species and increasing canopy, adopt-a-tree programs and engaging local schools and communities, climate change, and of course budget and support that might be needed to create an even better tree canopy in our neighbourhood for people and animals alike to enjoy!

More about this project will be shared at the upcoming November 7th Friends Meeting so if you’re interested in trees, please plan to attend. Stay tuned for meeting details to be posted soon!