Planet in Focus opens Lost Rivers (including our own Garrison Creek!)

A must-see for anyone interested in the history of our parks!


Caroline Bâcle looks at the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul, the Saw Mill River in Yonkers, the Bova-Celato River in Italy and the Garrison Creek in Toronto, retracing the history of the lost urban rivers while affording us a firsthand look at these hidden “museums” with a covert group of urban explorers. 

We learn how activists, artists and urban planners are devising strategies to unearth the rivers, attempting to utilize natural water flow to ease the strained watershed infrastructure and reduce overflow waste from being dumped into lakes while, at the same time, creating natural park spaces for urbanites to reconnect with nature. Such projects have already taken place in Yonkers, Seoul and London with great success, yet the film seems to linger on the fact that the City of Toronto has rejected the same strategies and are doomed to continue causing excess pollution in Lake Ontario. 

Watch the trailer here

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