Friends Meeting #12

The twelfth committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on September 6, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Jill Cuthbertson, Justine Greenland-Duke, Melana Janzen, Shani Parsons, Bob Pritchard

Sub Committee members and Neighbours-at-large:
Danielle, Katrine Grieve, Roman Marionov

Zac Childs; Susan Antler; Marco Bianchi


Katrine Grieve and Roman Marinov joined for their first time. Both live on Roxton Road. Roman has agreed to join the Events Sub-committee.

Bob circulated a card for everyone to sign congratulating Councillor Layton on his marriage.

Jill noted that since last meeting “Discovery Walk” signs had been repaired or straightened.

Events Committee, Bob Pritchard

  • Aug 18 Park Party wrap-up: Bob thanked everyone who contributed to the day.  He and Rhea have sent out thank you cards to donors and we hope the donors will stay involved. ACTION: 4 more thank you cards to go. Agreed one more thank you to all of the donors should be posted to our website. ACTION: Bob to send paragraph with names listed to Shani for posting. Noted that Starbucks wants to be involved next year.
  • Future events: Agreed we should host a 2nd annual block party and that the date should be sometime between July 2 and Aug 24 (except the long-weekends). ACTION: Bob’s sub-committee to determine date soon, so everyone can get it in calendars well in advance. Various suggestions for other future events including: Halloween; Movie Night, Environment Day with possible perennial exchange, SEED and Swap city; A winter event with skating, camping and food? All events should be used to promote t-shirt sales (and future product) and FoRRP Plans.
  • Rhea and Roman will be joining the Events Sub-Committee.

History Committee, represented by Danielle

  • Jill shared Susan’s email update
  • Draft calendar almost done and then to Shani for input. Suggestion to include FoRRP events in Calendar. Can we also promote T-shirt in calendar?
  • Cost of calendar could be covered by Visions of Utopia, with profit to FoRRP — request that funds be designated for future history activities like recording social histories… needs further discussion at upcoming FoRRP meeting. Naomi noted she is willing as time permits to record these social histories and other initiatives for us since she has the equipment and this is her area of expertise. Suggestion to arrange of few of these oral histories in one day in the park, and make them casual. ACTION: Send suggestions of people that might be interesting to record to Susan. Noted that we might need a Portuguese speaker/translator.
  • Still need to develop marketing/outreach plan to promote calendar.

Communications, Shani Parsons

  • Blog posting: Shani reminded all Sub-Committee chairs that they should now be able to post directly. If they don’t feel comfortable, posts (text and images) should be sent to her for posting. Shani maintains a schedule, and releases posts in an organized and timely fashion.

Playscape Committee, Justine Greenland–Duke

  • Potluck wednesdays continue. ACTION: Shani will post about these. West End Y invited Justine and another FoRRP rep to come to one of their staff meetings, since they are big users of the park and are interested in our planning and there could be some partnership opportunities available. ACTION: Justine will put date of meeting out on email so anyone available can attend with her.  Apparently the Y and other orgs can’t let kids play on city play structures. We need to understand more about this. If it’s a liability issue, is some equipment OK and others not?
  • Playground ideas are starting to be plotted onto a scaled plan. ACTION: Melana and Justine to meet about this again. Next steps for planning are as follows:
  1. Playground Committee to meet and review plan
  2. FoRRP to meet and review plan, which also makes it available thru Marco for initial city review
  3. Take revised plans to a community Open House to “pitch”
  4. Integrate it into larger revitalization plan.

Revitalization Committee, Melana Janzen

  • Ramp plan/work for this fall: everyone was satisfied with the final plan for the ramp.
  • Future planning: Next meeting will be after playground committee has met and after plan is updated. FoRRP was wondering when a consultant or project manager for the 2013 plans might be assigned, and when any feedback from city might be available to the Revitalization Committee. ACTION: Marco to touch base with Melana?
  • Info boards/permanent signage with archival info to be considered part of list for 2013. Archival signs may need more time. Request for game boards like chess to be part of future plan.
  • Interest in using George Ben for a winter activity. Perhaps Dina Isabel can be contacted since she is connected with the Catholic School. ACTION: Who can do this or does it need more discussion?

Other Business

  • Community Open House: Sept 12th felt too early – aim for Sept 19th. ACTION: Jill to see if Bellwoods Park House can accommodate or approach Shaw St. Library or St. Chris House. Everyone was OK with a location change if needed. Neighbours would be notified via: website (including Facebook and Twitter); email to mailing list; posters designed by Shani around neighbourhood. Shani and Naomi will also connect on the easel that could be located at “crossroads” in FHP for this and future messages. Focus for evening will be sharing 2012 Ramp Plan, plus planning documents for 2013. Solicit more food survey responses.
  •  Sponsorship:discussion deferred to next meeting due to limited time and regrets from Steering Members. Might be beneficial to have this discussion with a draft budget. ACTION: Jill and Justine to discuss this.
  •  LiveGreen grants: LOI’s must be submitted by Sept 28 latest. ACTION: Jill and Justine will have conference call with grant representative asap.  Possible ideas discussed included: Geothermal in George Ben; something related to Garrison creek and harvesting water; increase numbers and diversity of trees in all parks; fruit trees in Roxton Road Parkette with harvesting plan; expand community garden and integrate vertical garden; develop allotment gardens in George Ben. Items in bold received most interest at meeting, but we didn’t have a lot of time to discuss.
  • Awarding community hours: deferred
  • Some issues were raised that need to brought up with Marco or someone else at City Hall:
  1. Can we have a temporary solution for this fall/winter for paths to deal with mud  and ice – crushed limestone that might be re-usable next year with path project? ACTION: Jill to raise with Marco.
  2. City vehicles driving through the park consistently now are damaging new areas of green space, as well as being a safety concern. ACTION: Melana will send photos to Marco.
  3. Concern expressed over how a programming supervisor was treating a summer staffmember. FoRRP would like to know more about the summer program and how young people are supervised. Suggestion to invite Brian Green, our Park supervisor to next meeting as he may be able to address this and the other issues noted above, and there is a desire for Friends develop a relationship with him (it was noted he has come to meetings previously and to our first Open House, but newer members haven’t met him yet). ACTION: Jill to invite Brian to November meeting.
  4.  Can request for doggie bag depots be added to 2013 proposal? ACTION: Marco to confirm.
  5. Questions about theft and security in our parks and surrounding neighbourhood were raised. Are there any statistics to suggest this might be an increasing issue? ACTION: For further discussion at November Friends meeting.
  • Next Meeting will be held in November unless something urgent arises. ACTION: Jill to determine date via email.