Friends Meeting #11

The eleventh committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on July 31, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Jill, Melana, Susan, Marguerett, Alda, Justine, Bob, Tim, Barbara, Naomi, Shani, Christine, Anahita, Zac
Guests: Joe Pantalone, Mike Layton

Fred Hamilton Park ramp update
The revised proposal for the ramp is still in need of go ahead, meeting with forestry people to take place August 2nd. It was decided that we should try to maintain the two Norway Maples near the ramp if possible. The concrete landing at the bottom of the ramp is an ideal location for a Garrison Creek heritage medallion. These medallions are in stock and we just need to point out where it should go when construction begins. The group discussed the timeframe of when we could improve access to the lower section of the park, which will be included in the proposal for 2013.  Greater access to the lower area should be further discussed by the Revitalization Committee.

Revitalization Committee
Money has to be spent in 2013 on washrooms and pathways. New digitized plans are being produced to accompany our submission to the city and to be on the website when finished.

The four principles of the Revitalization

  • Intergenerational activities
  • Environmental sustainable
  • Creative people and industries in our community
  • Cultural history as an immigrant community and part of Garrison Creek

Priorities of the Revitalization Committee are:

  • The addition of a central seating area as a part of the pathway upgrade.
  • The renovation of the washrooms building, potentially into a community kitchen. People were in favour of some sort of not-for-profit service taking control. Awaiting further information from food surveys before specific direction is recommended.
  • Greater playground accessibility such as fixing ramps and adding a gateway in the back alley at the southeast corner.
  • Expand and improve the community garden area.
  • Increase the number of bike locks around Fred Hamilton Park.
  • Additional seating across the park. More benches and picnic tables, along with more recycling and garbage receptacles near these areas. Bench locations to be by the wading pool, the community garden, the upper level water fountain, and in Roxton Road Parkette. Also add bike locks.
  • Create a path through Roxton Road Parkette. Southeast corner to the northwest corner.
  • Add water sources for the parks: fountains, and water for the gardens


  • The new ramp is being funded by the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities)
  • The pathway will cost $137,000, which will come from the park levy on nearby developments. Asphalt and concrete are options. The city will explore a sustainable material that is aesthetically pleasing for the pathways.
  • $130,000 capital funds (SOGR) assigned for the washrooms.
  • Marco and Mike Schreiner need to figure out how much additional money can be assigned. Make sure we have spent appropriate funds and the appropriate amount of projects for the funds to be allocated.

Other Revitalization Committee updates

  • New bike locks will require us to input another request for next year, but this is a slow process due to high volume of these requests across the city. Might be preferable to use our funds to install some additional bike locks. Revitalization Committee to further examine issue.
  • Future tree planting locations could include by the laneway in Fred Hamilton or along the edges of George Ben. Should investigate Trinity Bellwoods tree development program, as new trees will need lots of care. The current trees in the park could use some more care. City maintenance already budgets this, but extra attention (pruning, root protection) for existing trees is needed. Best way to do this might be through a community event dedicated to protecting the trees in the park. New trees require mulching for the first 5-10 years. We could acquire mulch and extra dirt on Earth day for tree preservation.
  • Water fountains are functional again, but the lower fountain has become clogged with sand due to heavy usage. A new water fountain design that is harder to clog and provides greater accessibility would be welcomed. This is on the 2013 agenda.

Events Committee
The Block Party will be taking place on August 18th. We are envisioning a low-key event primarily for neighbours. There will be a BBQ, music, garage sale, bocce tournament, bake sale, and hopefully free water.

Block Party To Do List

  • Someone needs to contact Sam about organizing the Bocce tournament.
  • Need to arrange an ice cream truck to come and park during lunchtime. Maybe not depending on sponsorship, but doesn’t hurt to inform ice-cream trucks.
  • Need volunteers for bake sale. So far some have committed, any support from other sub-committees to spread the word and join would be beneficial.
  • Produce more T-shirts “Who is Fred Hamilton.” Same quantity, but larger sizes. More men’s medium and men’s large. BOB to discuss with his supplier.
  • Garage sale $20 table rentals. We have four tables at the moment, but we probably need more. You should contact Bob if you want to donate or rent a table.
  • We currently have enough BBQs, but we need volunteers to operate them. Once again, please contact Bob if you can volunteer.
  • We have enough coolers for the beverages, but might need ice.
  • Garbage bags for cleanup, Marco to take care of garbage location.
  • Talk to tight rope people and see if they want to incorporate some sort of entertainment in an unofficial capacity.

Block Party Flyer

  • Marco is capable of printing flyer for the event. We will need volunteers to post them though.
  • Bob requires the mailing list to inquire about volunteers.


  • Metro has donated a $30 gift card
  • National bakery has committed to supplying bread
  • Nosso Talho has committed to supplying burgers
  • The Wedding Cake Shoppe is looking to participate with a donation of some sort
  • Others?
  • We should also recognize our sponsors in some way such as a board.

History Committee

  • The History Committee has begun developing a Roxton Roads Parks calendar. 16 photos from the archive are being used that represent our parks. Hopefully the calendar will be ready to sell at the block party. If not it can be sold at a later date or at least distributed amongst the Friends group.
  • We want to increase the amount of signage about the heritage of the parks. This includes repairing the sign on washroom building and adding new signs near the entrances to the park. We also want to increase the creative elements around the park like adding fishes along the Garrison Creek like the ones in Trinity Bellwoods. We should also find a way to further incorporate information about who is George Ben/Fred Hamilton.
  • The History Committee also has some video recordings from the archives to be added to the website.

Communications Update

  • The website is live! Subscribe on Facebook and follow on Twitter to stay close to the action in the park. You can contact Shani if you wish to add content on the website.
  • We have begun writing a second flyer to be handed out to the community. Jill will email the current product, as further input is needed from the group. We will also need some volunteers to distribute them across the neighbourhood. Tim’s children have been potentially enlisted, and Bob has volunteered.

Playground Committee
The committee has been meeting for Wednesday night potlucks and to discuss the future of the playground area, which is being called the Playscape now. The group is currently designing a 3D maquette to further illustrate the future goals for the lower area of the park. Hopefully the maquette will be ready to present at next Community Open House Meeting in early September.

5 goals of the Playscape

  • Expansion of the community garden
  • The sand area to incorporate beach volleyball, a climbing structure, and a zip line.
  • The wading pool is currently only open from 11am to 6pm. Extended hours would be nice. The creation of an interactive element that could be used at all times would also benefit the park. There should also be a water element that is more parent friendly, along with increased sitting areas for parents.
  • The exercise equipment could be relocated under the shade.
  • The northern part of the lower area could be converted to a mini sports field or an amphitheatre. Potentially try to make better use of the storage building in that area.

Other Business
Jill and Marguerett set up a bank account for the Friends group at TD bank on College. The current balance is approximately $155 and Marco also has an additional $129 on his desk. We are not a registered charity, which means we cannot provide tax receipts for donations. We should develop an official budget though so that we can present it to people that want to see where money is being spent. Justine will be taking over as our new treasurer when Marguerett leaves. We would like to thank Marguerett for her service and wish her good luck.

At some point there should be a meeting to discuss who would qualify as appropriate sponsors to the parks group and how far we should take sponsorship to fund our interests and what type of recognition are we comfortable offering.

Some grants we want to investigate are:

  • The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation could provide funding for some projects in our parks if we qualify.
  • The Sand and Gravel Association have donated sand in the past and could be contacted for certain projects.
  • There are a couple Live Green grants we may be applicable for. Applications must be submitted by September 4th. Jill, Melana, and Justine to discuss what projects may pertain to the grants.

Upcoming meetings:

  • The Revitalization Committee will meet at the end of August.
  • The Events Committee will have their next meeting August 9th.
  • The Playground Committee meets Wednesdays for a potluck and ideas sessions.
  • The next Community Open House Meeting will take place in early September.
  • The Steering committee name has been changed to the Roxton Roads Parks Committee and will take place on either September 6th or 11th.

Thanks to Zac Childs for the meeting minutes!

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  1. I would like to thank you for the raffle prizes. I won a gift certificate from the pet shop and also a beautiful rug which is the perfect colour for my room. Thank you for the great time, I know you all put in a lot of time and it is much appreciated.
    Marion Prear

    • Hi Marion, thanks so much for your comment – glad to hear you enjoyed the Block Party! We will soon be thanking our sponsors and donors to the raffle and I hope you don’t mind if we include your comment in the post. I am sure that those who donated the pet shop gift certificate and rug will be thrilled to hear that they went to a good home. :) All best, Shani K Parsons and the Friends of Roxton Road Parks

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