Revitalization Sub-committee Meeting #2

The second Revitalization Sub-committee meeting took place on July 26, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Melana (chair), Jill, Justine, Marco

Review of action items from last meeting:

Looking for more results from the food survey – a wider distribution is needed

  • Jill is finishing a newsletter which will include a link to the survey.

Jill to do list of immediate needs for park (maintenance / operational items).

  • Was done and forwarded to the group and some items are being addresses by Marco. Jill to follow-up with a list of little items to be included in our report for the 2013 work.

Marco to give a breakout of funds now identified for Washrooms & Field House (how much is designated for each building).

  • $130,000 is allocated for buildings (both the washroom and the field house) through capital upgrade funds.
  • $137,000 is the initial cost estimate to pave the paths and create a central feature.
  • $280,000 is the Park Levies collected from the Manning development (the 137K will be coming out of this pot of Park Levies)
  • There are other Levies that will be coming available.
  • Park Levies are different than Section 37 money. Section 37 money is drawn from negotiations with the city. Park Levies is standard money that is collected by the city on any multi-unit development over a certain size.

Justine to pull together preliminary info from Playscape sub-committee (this could impact what work we want done to the Field House in 2013).

  • There are ideas for the field house beginning to formulate, including an idea for a theatre stage prep area.  All agree that we should wait on field house work and not include it in the 2013 plans.

Current idea of what is to be included in the 2013 work:

  • washroom building renovation
  • path paving
  • central seat/feature area

All agreed that we should add three more items to the 2013 work:

  • little amenities features that are urgent (bike stands, more seating, etc. – Jill to draft a list and send it to the group
  • new access points at the south end of the park (from the laneway and AODA/stroller access from Roxton Road)
  • a water fountain in the new central gathering area (this might later lead to a central water feature)

Washroom building discussion:

  • Melana presented a sample plan for the washroom building renovation which included a kitchen and overhangs to accommodate exterior seating when it rains (something the playground committee had recommended).
  • Discussion was had regarding the winterization of the washrooms: it would be nice to extend the months of the washroom operation to meet the seasonal use of the park; if we add program for the winter we should be keeping the washrooms open during that time; it may also be more attractive to an organization running the kitchen (if that were the mode of operation the park went with) to extend the use of the kitchen as well; ideally the washroom/kitchen should be costed for 4 season use
  • Jill offered to be in touch with Brian Green about hours for washroom (currently) and lighting hours for the Bocce court (currently) – to get a sense of how the system works.
  • How will the kitchen be operated: the job of the survey was to report the feelings of the community on this issue. Thus far only 32 people have filled out the survey and the most popular choice was to have a local non-for-profit organization run the kitchen (examples would be the Fort York Food Bank or St. Christopher’s House). Justine to write a short description of the modes of operation possible for the kitchen to be included in the report.

Central gathering area discussion:

  • Melana presented a furthering of the idea for a central gathering area. The group was clear that the area should allow for the current traffic through the centre of the park to easily pass and not to create a ‘drumming circle’ kind of gathering space; really the space is to remain a place to pass through

Further movement on the bigger plan – this is continuing to happen with the help of an architecture student, Anahita Farahan, that Melana has brought on board. Melana and Justine plan to meeting with Anahita to start putting the ideas of the two groups down graphically.

Next Meeting – to be set for end of August.

Click for a PDF of the Revitalization Sub-Committee Meeting summary