Revitalization Sub-committee Meeting #1

The first Revitalization sub-committee meeting took place on June 6, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Melana (chair), Shani, Justine, Susan, Jill, Marco


With the August deadline fast approaching, the push is on to describe for City Hall what upgrades we want to see to the parks in 2013 using Capital (State of Good Repair) and Development levies, (see this post for more detail).

The 2013 proposed upgrades will be done in the context of a Master Plan which is also currently being envisioned by the Revitalization Sub-Committee. You too can participate in the revitalization process – check out our Get Involved page to find out how!

Communications (pre-meeting)

  • Shani presented the new blog and logo. All in favour!
  • Justine and Shani suggest using SpaceHive and UserVoice for community engagement.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts have been set up and will be linked to the blog.
  • All sub-committee chairs are designated contributors to the blog and will be sent invitations shortly.

Revitalization Report

We will be focusing on two parallel items to be presented to the city:

  • Direction for the 2013 upgrades already set to happen (the washroom building and the path paving)
  • Creation of the larger Master Plan for the park

Missing pieces needed for the report:

  • Buildings: directions these will take to be informed by both our food survey and the work done by the Playscape committee
  • Major additions (eg, tennis courts, skating rink): not a popular option within the larger community; will let the development of playscape in lower half of the park help determine feasibility/appropriateness.

Proposed report document:

  • Context: Jill to write up
  • Graphs: Justine to incorporate new community data we will collect
  • Funds: Marco to break down funds available for Washroom and Field House buildings.


Justine to bring Playscape sub-committee together soon so it can feed into Revitalization work. This could impact what work we want done to the Field House in 2013, although work on the playground not likely to happen until 2014 or later.

Community and Allotment Gardens

  • Marco informed us that the Council has stewardship of the community garden.
  • Susan noted that Compost Council can be used to support paid summer student position applications.
  • Marco indicated Solomon Boie at city is responsible for allotment gardens.
  • There is huge public demand for this, but City can’t keep up, so it could be a long process.
  • Agreed we should get soil tested first to see if it is even possible. Marco to tell us how to get testing done.
  • Melana and Justine will do research into groups existing in city that might have experience with allotment gardens.

Paths and Accessibility
Continued interest in path for accessibility across Roxton Parkette. Marco to see if there is any possibility of using AODA funds for this in 2013.

Green Initiatives
Impassioned plug for Green initiatives including geothermal micro energy and PAPER loans. Melana will write to Mike Layton asking for meeting about this initiative and whether George Ben could be considered a prototype or early site. Discussion on making this a design principle for our parks.

Key Principles
We agreed to four key principles that determine our uniqueness as a park:

  • Intergenerational: activities for all ages
  • Climate Change Action: addressing climate change at the local level and supporting ecologically and environmentally sustainable materials, practices, and activities
  • Creativity: our neighbourhood is locus for creative industry workers, a rich source for inspiration and expression in any park intervention
  • History: make visible the history of our neighbourhood including Garrison Creek and immigrant history (eg. grapes, topiary, water features, signage).

Click for a PDF of the Revitalization Sub-Committee Meeting summary