Friends Meeting #10

The tenth committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on May 22, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Melana, Shani, Jill, Bob, Susan, Justine, Christine, Stephen, Caroly, Marguerett, Barbara, Alda, Marco (joined later)

FoRRP met with two major goals for the evening’s session plus our regular updates from City Hall (thanks always to Marco Bianchi!). We were pleased to be joined by a few new “neighbours at large”.
The first item was to discuss our structure moving forward now that we have many people interested in our parks and want to tap into everyone’s enthusiasm, interests, and their expertise – we have such interesting neighbours!
FoRRP is now made up of:
  • Steering Committee (Chair: Jill Cuthbertson)

and five subcommittees:

  • Revitalization (Chair: Melana Janzen)
  • Playscape (Chair: Justine Greenland Duke)
  • Events (Chair: Bob Pritchard)
  • History (Chair: Susan Antler)
  • Communications (Chair: Shani Parsons)
We welcome your involvement in meetings, so if you are interested, contact Jill or one of the sub-committee chairs directly by emailing
The second item was to discuss the future ramp to replace the decrepit stairs on the Roxton Road side of Fred Hamilton Park. FoRRP is keen (as is the City) that the stairs be replaced with a ramp, in order to make it easier for any of our neighbours in wheelchairs or with strollers to access the park from the west side. The City had shared with us a schematic drawing and needed feedback to give to the Contractor, who has been hired to complete this work in 2012.
We provided the city with input and questions on eight different aspects (who knew a single ramp could elicit this much discussion), and requested an onsite meeting with the Contractor and City Project Manager.