Friends Meeting #9

The ninth committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on April 2, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Justine, Danielle, Barbara, Alda, Melana, Angela, Shani, Zachary, Margueret, Jill, Bob, Marco

Community Consultation of Mar 21, 2012

Overview of results

  • Most yes: Central Plaza
  • 2nd most yes: Allotment Garden proposal for George Ben
  • 3rd most yes: Natural gardens
  • Most no: Farm animals in the park
  • 2nd most no: addition to washroom building

Discussion about the future of the washroom building and idea to have a coffee shop

  • Group does not want to drop the idea, but will need to revisit how to represent the idea to the community.
  • Calling it a coffee shop raised concerns given how many are on the neighbourhood.
  • Community Kitchen? Snack Bar?
  • Marco explained that the City has not prioritized this work on the brick building, and will hold off on applying funds to this project until a vision is put forth by the FoRRP.
  • Wood stove oven discussion: Much support from the group – Marco explained some issues with ovens in the park and promised to look up the new policy.
  • Key idea: How do we bring food into the park? How to we move forward with that idea? Idea for survey at Environment Day “How would you do food in your park?”

Next Steps

Priority #1 is Accessibility (repairs and replacing stairways).

FoRRP online

  • Talked about mapping 3 parks and making it available on website.
  • Shani will take on park graphic identity that can be used on website and other products.

Community Consultation follow-up

  • Marguerett sending email to all who left addresses thanking them for coming to first public consultation meeting.
  • How to take community input from Mar 21 and feed it back to City Hall?
  • Small group offered to consult via email including: Melana, Shani, Justine with cc’s to Marco and Jill.

Environment Day

  • Go ahead to Bob Pritchard to produce T-shirts for the group and start selling at Environment Day as fundraiser.
  • Marguerett and Bob taking a lead on the BBQ with Enbridge for Environment Day.


  • Brief discussion about LEAF and what they might offer to our parks.
  • Little Portugal Neighbours Association which has been discussing Fred Hamilton Park, and how that group might overlap with Trinity Bellwoods Residents Association. Perhaps 2 groups should connect?

Susan previously agreed to leading history sub-team on three parks and surrounding area.

Vision or Principles going forward

  • Instead of trying to agree on a shared vision, perhaps it makes more sense to agree on design principles at this point ie. sustainability.
  • As Friends group grows, now might be a good time to set up appropriate sub-teams feeding into the steering committee (with Marco).

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 9 Summary