Roxton Friends Newsletter #1

The Friends of the Roxton Road Parks produced a newsletter in March 2012 to update the community on park revitalization progress. A brief summary follows; see PDF below for the complete newsletter.


The Fred Hamilton Park and Playground at 155 Roxton Street (between Roxton and Shaw, south of College) has been identified by the City of Toronto in need of maintenance and capital upgrades. These upgrades will begin this summer. Additionally the Fred Hamilton Park has been designated to receive significant park levies from a condo development on College Street providing further funds for park upgrades in 2012 or 2013. Councillor Layton has convened a steering committee from your community to work with you the neighbours to help shape the extent and types of upgrades. The steering committee wishes to include George Ben Park, and Roxton Parkette under their auspices to ensure these two smaller parks in close proximity are not left to deteriorate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is available?
Between $230,000 and $300,000 is available, comprised of:

  • $100,000 park levies (the condo development on College between Shaw and Roxton)
  • $130,000 City Capital funds
  • $70,000 City maintenance funds
Are there any other funds available?

Yes. Additional funding may be available from:

  • the City to support making our park accessible to all neighbours
  • further park levies on future developments in our ward
  • any private parties or businesses interested in donating to the park.
  • individual grants may support new initiatives

What are park levies?
New building developments (ie. condos) are subject to fees payable by the building developer or owner to the City of Toronto in the form of cash or land in lieu of cash, to be used by the City specifically for improving city parks. The most likely source of additional park levies in the near future in our area is the condo development at 486 Shaw Street (former Church and Catholic School).

What are City Capital funds?
The City of Toronto keeps a list of all parks throughout the city and ensures that every 25 years, a park is eligible for funds to repair and restore permanent features like buildings, stairways, washrooms, swimming pools, replacing fences etc.

What does the City cover using maintenance funds?
The City has an annual budget to maintain our park in good working order.  This includes cutting grass, replacing gravel in Bocci courts, replacing burned out light bulbs in our park lighting and repairing fences.

What can we do right away to fix our park?

  • If you see garbage on the ground, take the time to pick it up and toss it in one of the garbage cans.
  • If you see a problem in the park, call the City’s help line 311 or at This can be for anything from overflowing garbage cans, to abandoned cars in the laneway adjoining the park.
  • Come out on park cleanup day Saturday April 21.

What can we do this summer?
The city has maintenance and capital funds to address the following:

  • Pathway resurfacing
  • Stair repair and/or ramp installation
  • Bocce court repair and maintenance
  • Water fountain repair and maintenance
  • Picnic table and bench additions and upgrades
  • Tree care
  • Community garden renewal and signage
  • Bike post or rack additions

What can we do next summer?
A list of bigger ideas being discussed for 2013 and beyond can be found here.

Get involved to voice your ideas and preferences!

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