Ideas for the revitalization of the Roxton Road Parks

Below is a listing of scheduled maintenance and bigger ideas generated by the Friends and local community for the revitalization of the Roxton Road Parks.

Regular Maintenance and Minor Upgrades for 2012

  • Pathways (to deal with mud and ice)
  • Replace Two Stairways
  • Convert a Stairway to a Ramp?
  • Bike Racks or Posts
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Picnic Tables
  • Good Quality Benches
  • Community Garden Renewal including Signage for Garden
  • Bocce Court Repair and New Gravel

Bigger Ideas for 2013 or Beyond

Services: Washroom upgrades, Food+Beverage opportunities

  • Convert Washroom Building
  • Better/Safer Washrooms (Euro Style?)
  • Renovate Pool Building for Storage or Washrooms
  • Build Coffee Shop/Kitchen for Lease
  • Wood Stove in Converted Washroom Building
  • 2nd Story Dine in the Park (above the existing washroom building)

Social, Cultural, Environmental Spaces

  • Piazza Where Paths Cross
  • Design Feature to Serve as a Meeting Place for Local Community
  • Upgrade Lighting Fixtures (consider solar) 
  • Solar Shade Area
  • Solar on Roof of Buildings
  • Fountain (water fountain, dog fountain or decorative fountain) 
  • Artist’s Projects 
  • Community Message Board 


  • Bocce Court Expansion
  • Tennis Court and/or Community Run Skating Rink
  • Wading Pool Conversion
  • Splash Pad
  • Zip-line
  • Natural/More Interesting Features in Playground
  • Boulders or Other Fun Play Features/Scramble


  • Additional Trees (New Species?)
  • Fruit Trees in Roxton Parkette
  • Allotment Gardens in Roxton Parkette or George Ben Parkette
  • Plumbing for Existing Community Garden in Fred Hamilton Park
  • Bird Habitat: Cardinals, Evening Grosbeak, American Redstart
  • Goats, Sheep and Chickens


  • Bike Path (Trinity Bellwoods to Roxton Road Northbound)
  • Remove Part or Fence in Lower Playground (or create ramp to allow stroller access to playground)


  • Park Name Change (Fred Hamilton Playground to Fred Hamilton Park)
  • Painting Shaw Street Garage Doors

Ideas not possible due to city regulations

  • City Run Skating Rink

Ideas requiring other departments/input

  • Traffic/Street Calming

To add your input, check out the Get Involved page, here!