Friends Meeting #8

The eighth committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on February 22, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Marguerett, Melana, Marco, Jill


  • Park People meeting Mar 1 will combined with next Trinity Bellwoods meeting, 7pm at 155 Crawford. Items on their agenda are path, finances, farmers market, and idea presentations. Everyone invited.
  • There are currently no permits issued for this park, including for Toronto Football Club.

Community Consultation

  • Agreed we would use open house format as opposed to more formal consultation format. This means more casual discussion between individuals and small groups as opposed to presentation.
  • Marco will try and capture notes of all ideas, feedback. All “friends” should participate and take notes too to ensure we get as broad input as possible. Marco will compile everyone else’s notes and prepare a summary for us.
  • Marco noted it is important that we meet soon after the consultation to review the feedback. This is set for March 28.

Idea Board and 5 Key Ideas

  • Tennis/skating rink on lower level
  • Food and beverage outlet in renovated brick building plus coin-operated bathroom
  • Central piazza where paths cross
  • Allotment Gardens
  • Zipline/fun or unusual play equipment

Flyer and Website

  • Reviewed City flyer provided some suggestions.
  • Need website ready for people to visit to learn more in advance of meeting. Melana will be meeting Matt to work on that.
  • Need list of what we want on website. Melana, Jill and Marguerett to draft up this and vision over next few days if possible.
  • Decided to do an info sheet to hand out at meeting to cover off some of the basic info about park so time isn’t spent talking about basic maintenance issues/upgrades.
  • Need blank book or cards for people to leave written suggestions too.
  • Marguerett agreed to reach out to Anna Bailao, city councillor who might be able to connect us with business and BIA at south end of our area, maybe someone interested in running food and bev stand, access to funds/sources.

Key dates

  • Feb 28—Mar 1: Flyers distributed to residences and bulk dropped off by Marco to Jill or Melana for distribution to businesses and other non-residences
  • Feb 28—Mar 1: Basic info on website
  • Mar 14: Marco will arrange e-blast about meeting to city’s mailing list
  • Mar14: Deliver idea posters to Marco for printing
  • March 21: Consultation from 7-9 pm. Committee members should arrive by 6:30 if possible.
  • March 28: Follow-up Committee meeting

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 8 Summary