Friends Meeting #7

The seventh committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on February 1, 2012. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Danielle Buklis, Margueret Isabel, Melana Janzen, Marco Bianchi, Susan Antler, Jill Cuthbertson, Julie (Postgate?), Naomi Wise


Park levies
486 Shaw Street development levies still pending. Park levies also potentially coming from development on Manning.

Pool/Splash pad issue
Due to budget cuts, City is planning to remove wading pool and replace it with a splash pad which apparently requires less maintenance and staff over the long term. Our pool was targeted because it was due for capital renewal/replacement anyways. City is evaluating possible scenarios for splash pads representing different levels of investment from $15,000 to $150,000.

2012 Work on Fred Hamilton

Marco clarified what could happen this summer under the auspices of regular city work, with or without consultation, so he urges us to get community consultation on these easy things now, as it will make the bigger project more successful:

  • Bocce courts repaired, new limestone surface
  • Pathways upgraded
  • Stairwells repaired or replaced (with ramps?)
  • Fountains repaired or replaced.

Community consultations

Online Presence
Need to share information getting more critical. Discussion re various platforms including WordPress, Compost Council, etc.

Flyer production and distribution

  • City Hall will prepare flyer based on previous community consultations and run it by this group before printing to ensure it reflects our needs.
  • City Hall will distribute flyer to residences.
  • We agreed that boundary would be Ossington, Dewson, Crawford, and Dundas streets, including residences on both sides of those boundary streets.
  • If we want to invite businesses, we need to look after that ourselves.
  • We agreed our focus should be on the Promenade Business Association as opposed to other BIAs in the vicinity.

First Consultation

  • Move head with blessing of community on paths/steps/stairs. Group narrowed it down to two suitable surfaces to present: patterned ashphalt or concrete. Present visuals used at 2011 Environment Day.
  • Obtain input on existing ideas, and solicit further ideas (our current list, attached here, should be made available somehow)
  • First consultation will be on Wednesday March 21st, 7 pm, at the Shaw/College Library. Flyer announcing meeting should be delivered by Feb 28. Ideally our online site will be up and running and populated with some content prior to the flyers landing in neighbours homes.
  • Melana and Jill will present current ideas and visuals.
  • Meetings will be facilitated and introduced by Mike Layton.
  • Marco will ensure we have translation available for Portuguese speakers.
  • Marco thinks the attendance will be between 5 and 25 max people at any community consultation meeting.


Live Green Grant
Expressions of interest are due Feb 7. Susan looked into it in detail and we are not eligible for this round, but perhaps next when our ideas are further developed. Susan’s email of Feb 6 provides more detail.

Solar Fair
Happening on April 28th.


  • Roxton Bike Path: Melana to write to Mike Layton on behalf of FOFHP (listing our names) requesting cycling infrastructure, particularly northbound, to deter cyclists going up Shaw Street wrong way.
  • Ossington Crossing: Pedestrians crossing at OOOPs create a dangerous situation. Melana and Naomi to write to Mike Layton about possible solutions to facilitate pedestrian crossing somewhere along this long stretch, ideally connecting George Ben Park and the school.
  • “Children playing” signs posted on streets surrounding park. Marco suggested that a letter, again on behalf of FOFHP could be sent to the councillor for follow-up.

Interest in pursuing history of Fred Hamilton. Danielle and Susan will do some digging into this.

Important Calendar dates

  • Feb 28: Target date to have circulated all flyers for Community Consultation
  • March 21: Community Consultation, 7 pm, Shaw /College Library
  • April 14: Community Environment Day at FHP
  • April 28: Solar Fair
  • TBD: WordPress training

Next Meeting: Wednesday Feb 22 at 6:30 pm, 409 Shaw Street

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 7 Summary