Friends Meeting #5

The fifth committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on November 3, 2011. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Jill Cuthbertson, Susan Antler, Melana Janzen, Marco Bianchi, Marguerett Isabel

New Funding!
$100,000 +/- Section 37 funding is still in place (more could possibly be drawn on); a new amount somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 is now also earmarked for our area.

Establish internal timelines / discuss community consultation
Some extra time available to us, working toward pre-Christmas public meeting

Park Maintenance
It came to light that a couple of the items on our initial priority list will be taken care of by the city: the washrooms and the stairways are both due for maintenance. Marco advised that we can provide input on how this should be done.

The group agreed that with the extra funds we should include George Ben and Roxton Parkette in our plans. Marco to get list of groups that permit in George Ben along with a plan of the park.

Next meeting: November 23, 2011

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 5 Summary