Friends Meeting #3

The third committee meeting for the revitalization of Roxton Road Parks took place on July 19, 2011. Selected notes from the meeting follow; see PDF below for a complete summary.

Attendees: Susan Antler, Scott Childs, Zac Childs, Jill Cuthbertson, Melana Janzen

Community Engagement

  • Concern was expressed regarding the low turn-out at the meeting. Need more community engagement.
  • Environment Day: presentation that shows areas allocated with proposals for specific activities.
  • Ideas for gathering info from the public on our ideas, before going to public consultation.
  • Start email group to get the Friends off the ground, toss around ideas, engage a few more neighbours in early discussions.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Solar panels: MicroFIT program could provide ongoing funds for the park.
  •  Toronto LiveGreen program that funds capital projects: opportunity for funding from external sources is a possibility for the installation of solar panels.


  • Capital grants: discussed accessing grants through non-profits such as Parks People, Compost Council, and Garrison Creek.

Park Amenities and Design


  • Splash pad/skating rink: all-season amenity
  • Need for current specifications on standard equipment (seating, lighting, etc) to evaluate for our needs

Pathways and Access

  • George Ben Park: allow for more obvious gateway connections between the parks (ie. where the opening and gates are located in each of the fences).
  • Access points for both Fred Hamilton and George Ben: locations, ramp or stairs, smoother surfaces for wheelchairs.
  • Bike lane through Roxton Parkette: Bellwoods House right-of-way? Agreed if we do anything with the Roxton Parkette, we should include the Bellwoods House in the conversation.


  • Community garden in Fred Hamilton: proposal to add a bench to stop people from walking through the garden.
  • Allotment gardens v. community gardens: passionate arguments for both.

Park Services: Food/Drink availability, Partnerships with businesses/organizations

  • Roxton Parkette: discussion of pros and cons to having local business support an initiative in the park.
  • Washroom building: instead of tearing down, develop into washroom/coffee house, could be run by the Friends group or rented to an entrepreneur.
  • Scott agreed to talk to lady at Dufferin Grove about how they operate their snack bar business.


  • Design competition: as a way to get more information and creative ideas, discussed pros and cons
  • Agreed it would be good to have park drawing for the Aug 27 date. Melana to draft up some drawings and everyone to supply images of elements they would like to see.

Next meeting: Tuesday August 9th at 409 Shaw Street, 6 pm, to focus on Environment Day.

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 3 Summary