Friends Meeting #1

The Friends of Roxton Road Parks (FoRRP) community volunteer group was brought together in 2011 to provide guidance on the future of the Fred Hamilton Park and Playground. The first committee meeting took place on May 11th. A brief summary of the meeting follows; see the PDF below for a complete version.

Attendees: Scott Childs, Zac Childs, Jill Cuthbertson, Margaret Isabel, Susan Antler, Danielle Buklis, Matt Bremer, Melana Janzen, Brian Green, Marco Bianchi

Review of Fred Hamilton: current issues


  • Hours of operation are an issue. Hours should be or will be posted, as well as the possibility of staying open later
  • Smell is an issue
  • Needs an overall facelift
  • The building is probably oversized, and people often loiter behind the building (drug dealing not as bad as it used to be, but still present).

Lawn maintenance

  • Lack of care and attention as been generating large dead spots where no grass ever grows (admittedly this may be due to shade issues as well).
  • Look into the possibility of adding wood chips/mulch around trees (exposed roots are not good for trees).

Wading Pool

  • Storage room is underused
  • Pool is an eyesore (painting may be possible of the floor of the wading pool)
  • Address safety issues, especially in winter


  • Need to be surfaced so that it is navigable in all seasons

Stairway to Roxton

  • Are unsafe and challenging for anyone with mobility issues, or mothers with strollers
  • General maintenance and ramp installation needed

Garbage Receptacles

  • More are needed, and placement near benches and seating areas is key as well

Community Garden

  • Proper signage is needed to prevent trampling of plants, and a pathway leading around the garden

Water Fountains

  • Of the two in the park, the northeast fountain is non-functioning, and the southwest fountain stands in a mud-pile which remains this way throughout the year
  • Area near the north water fountain was referred to as the Bench of Sorrow or something similar

Preliminary Proposals

Park Additions

  • Volleyball Courts
  • Increased Lighting
  • More picnic tables
  • Small skating rink

Scope of Committee Engagement

  • Possibility of linking Fred Hamilton, Roxton Road Parkette and George Ben Park revitalizations

Next steps

  • Review Brown & Storey Architects design
  • All attendees setting their priority lists and establishing timelines
  • Available funds to be disclosed
  • Efforts to be undertaken to engage the wider community

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on June 15th at 6pm at City Hall

Click for a PDF of the Meeting 1 Summary